“…there’s so much history in this area and I don’t want it to be forgotten.”

“Like people do need support whether there’s like a death in the family, or financial problems, they just need somebody to talk to and vent”
“one of my hopes is I guess for racism to slowly disappear because my nieces and nephews are way darker than me and I really don’t want them to go through what other people are going through.”

“What needs to be in placed at a community school is better resources and like community involvement, all around.”

“I’m scared for the Bushwick community to crumble up because I feel my community is a family, like we know everybody here and everybody’s so close and my hope is to keep it like that. And I just don’t want to see it, like, just go away.”
“people who have been here their whole lives, their children grew up here, they’re going to be forced out and they’re going to have to move into I guess to worse neighborhoods like, I personally don’t think it’s fair.”

“My hopes for the Bushwick community will have to be the community coming together as one even with the “gentrifiers” and the people who’ve been here all of their life just you know coming together, working together just to make a better community and you know make it a better place for everyone to live.”

“we want people that’s been in the community to feel comfortable or would we be able to live like together as equals inside our communities like without anybody getting kicked out”
“My hope for Bushwick is that we could actually live inside Bushwick together, gentrifiers or not gentrifiers…”

“My biggest hope for the community is that they should help people that are undocumented… to accomplish the dreams that they have.”

“My hope for Bushwick is that this community school that we’re trying to build will offer everything that a student needs to be prepared to go off into the world not just school and not just the workforce but what they need to be a happy, living, breathing human being.”

“…my hope for Bushwick would probably be the way we deal with gentrification because if we can’t get rid of it then bit by bit we’re going to lose Bushwick and we’re going to lose it to the gentrifiers.”
“my biggest hope for the Bushwick community is that gentrification… does not force Latino community members out of their house for white people.”

“I think one of the most important issues for the community schools will have to be college preparation, a lot of kids graduate from high school and they don’t really know what’s the next step”
“My hope for Bushwick communities, to rise, you know like (be)come better.”

“Well, what I think that should be in place is basically having a fundamental establishment where teachers and students have a relationship in which they can speak about anything, not only about school related but have a relationship in which they can communicate and gain advice from each other.”

“The most important thing for community schools is a multi-language school, because I hang out with a lot of different languages and I will like to speak different languages so that my friends could feel comfortable speaking their language in front of me, they wouldn’t have to feel like they’re being forced to speak English.”

“…no one should feel unwanted and everybody should feel equal, doesn’t matter who you are.”
“So even if people do move in we could just educate them and they could know about our area but I just hate when people move in and they just try to take over.”

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